Avatrader Review

Ease of Use:

Getting started on the Forex market, or switching platforms requires a few things in order to make the change seamless. The first thing that you will need is something that is going to be very easy to use and navigate. The next thing that you’re going to need is the tutorials which will help walk you through the process, regardless of whether you are new or experienced.

AVATrader, the back end of AVAFX was able to do both of these things seamlessly. That is one of the reasons why the AVATrader interface is one of the most popular of any trading platform that is on the Internet. Here are some of the claims that they make, as well as our own experience whenever using this platform.

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Actual Customer Feedback

fast response to your query by phone,chat or Email

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Simple Registration Process & Direct Deposit Through Software

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ultimate user-friendly forex trading experience

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What it Claims to Do…

Simplicity is really the key to one of their main claims and this is something that we always look for whenever it comes to a Forex platform. The reason why this is the case, is because the majority of people are not going to use something that is too complicated for them to figure out easily. They would either give up or begin using something else before they ever really are able to give it an opportunity.

The interface also makes it very easy to contact individuals about your trading platform. AVAFX is able to be contacted on telephone, through the email and with online chat. This is another main thing that we always look for whenever choosing a Forex platform, simply because we don’t want to be left hanging out to dry whenever we have problems and need answers immediately.

Online tutorials also help to make this the ideal platform for beginning traders. By using some of these tutorials, you’ll be up and running very quickly and feeling comfortable with what you’re doing. If you are already experienced with Forex trading, you’ll also appreciate some of the more advanced tutorials that is available through AVATrader.

What it Actually Does…

We were very happy with how AVATrader was able to stack up against its claims. One of the things that we really appreciated was that they were able to answer all of our questions very quickly and very intelligently. Instead of simply shoving us to the side, they really dug in and got us the answers that we needed.

Along with that, the interface was very easy to use and we were able to navigate our way through it very quickly. This is something that we feel helps this broker to stand apart from the rest, and it was enough to really help us to take a better look at the tools that they had available on the inside.

The tutorials were easy to use and gave us the information that we needed. We believe that anybody would be able to benefit by going through these training programs.

Overall Conclusion:

Although you have a lot of different options to you when choosing a Forex platform, it is hard to beat the simplicity and ease of use that comes with AVATrader. We would highly recommend this for anybody, regardless of your experience level.

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